Adelaide: A Comprehensive Guide to Adelaide Living Cost and Benefits

Adelaide Living Cost

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and has a population of 1.3 million. Adelaide’s Mediterranean climate ensures lots of interest from those looking to start an entirely new lifestyle in Australia. Add Adelaide’s excellent climate to the lowest prices for homes of any Australian state capital, and you’ll discover a choice that is appealing to those looking to upgrade their lives. Adelaide is the largest city with the lowest cost of living. Adelaide requires the talents of 5,000 people who come from abroad each year to boost its economy.

Where should you live in Adelaide?

1. Leading universities in Australia.

Adelaide has many of Australia’s most prestigious schools of education, including private colleges, universities, and culinary and hospitality colleges.

Adelaide’s university campuses are stunningly gorgeous, from modern architectural masterpieces on the city’s cool westside to the historic colonial-era sandstone architecture (you may feel as if you’ve entered Hogwarts).

2. The weather

Sydney is often too humid in the summer. Melbourne has a reputation for being grey and cloudy; however, it’s a different story when it is Adelaide. Adelaide may have perfect weather compared to Melbourne. Although Adelaide is prone to occasional heatwaves in the summer months, it’s not getting soaked in sticky hot air. And for winter, there’s nothing so dreadful as a cold winter day which is a win in our book.

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3. Vibrant bar and restaurant culture.

Adelaide’s dining and drinking scene are among the most popular in Australia. Explore and find Adelaide’s most hip laneway hidden in the city and rooftop bars. Visit Adelaide’s West End for a taste of everything. From the bustling bars and bustling eateries on Peel and Leigh Street to the pubs and live music venues packed with students at Adelaide’s University of South Australian’s City West campus.

4. Stunning beaches

With all that sunshine and sunshine, it’s the perfect time to go to the beaches! However, there’s no reason to be irritated by the crowded beaches of Bondi or pretend to love the white sands of St Kilda Beach, as the beaches of Adelaide are a great place to relax. There’s Brighton, Henley, and Glenelg, among others of Adelaide’s gorgeous beaches. There’s the additional Semaphore and Semaphore Beach, a lively beachside community just a 14-kilometer drive to south Adelaide.

Adelaide’s cost of living

Here are a few reasons for the Adelaide living costs:

Utility bills cost

Adelaide is close to the central part of Australia and, consequently, close to the desert. Adelaide is susceptible to scorching summers, occasionally flooding rains, and sweltering summers. Maybe that’s the reason why people in Adelaide (including State Government) State Government) have embraced solar power like no other Australian state. They recently claimed to make the world record for negative energy consumption on the back of an impressive gigawatt-sized solar power grid. If you’re looking to live in green space and also green on an ideological level, that’s the place for you! Mainly since this achievement is predicted to lower energy costs further. It is possible to expect the total cost of water, electricity, and refuse to be around $242.84 each month (weekly utility bill of $60.71) for an 85-square meter apartment.

Transportation cost

If you’re off campus and have to travel to university, Adelaide is well-connected for public transportation. There are trains, buses, and Adelaide City Bikes bikes available for loan between A and B. You can get an Adelaide student MetroCard to benefit from the reduced fare. There are no-cost tram and bus services on specific routes, like buses that run through the city and the free tram zone in Adelaide, which runs from South Terrace to the Entertainment Centre stops. Spending around $20-$40 per week on public transportation is possible.


Previous travelers to Adelaide have stated that the typical cost for a meal is at least $20 per person. Breakfast costs are a bit lower. Prices for street food tend to be less expensive than if you decide to eat at an establishment.


Compared to other cities in Australia, the Adelaide metropolitan area (including CBD and surrounding suburbs) is among Australia’s most accessible and affordable property and housing markets.

Renting around the CBD may be higher than living in outlying suburbs. It’s also dependent on the areas you reside in and the current market conditions within that particular area. Rents are generally higher in the suburbs with more wealth.

Although rentals have witnessed an increase in the demand for rental units in Adelaide, the city, rentals in Adelaide are considerably less expensive than those in other cities of Australia.

According to, The average price for renting a single-bedroom apartment in Adelaide is about $300 per week. For the two-bedroom house, the cost would be about $350. Prices can vary depending on areas and types of housing (flat units, apartments, units, and homes).


Adelaide is among the most loved cities in Australia. Adelaide is also renowned for its rich culture, tradition, and employment opportunities which welcome ex-pats, job opportunities, and students for higher education. However, the expense of living in Adelaide for a family is $335. Students pay $1755, while a single individual (bachelor) will cost $1710.

Based on the information, the rental costs for a family with three members or a couple are $2200 per month, for international students, $1755, and a single person, $1100. The cost of living in Adelaide is hugely dependent on your location; the median rent for a house or apartment in a specific area will be $1300 per year.


What is the lifestyle like the life in Adelaide?

Adelaide is a warm and diverse city and is the perfect place to call home far from home. Adelaide has all the benefits of city living but is compact enough to move around quickly. Adelaide is one of the most luxurious living standards in any city around the globe and yet is also among the most affordable.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of living in Adelaide?

Living in Adelaide: Pros and Cons

Pro It gives you the city and the ocean.

Con: It isn’t easy to find a job.

Pros: It’s among the cities with the lowest cost to reside in Australia.

Con: The city isn’t the same as in other cities.

Is Adelaide superior to Sydney?

Adelaide is home to more than 1 million residents. However, only a few reside in the city’s center. The city’s population is low because there are less expensive options in the outlying neighborhoods, and you can get to the city’s center in less than an hour via tram or bus. The cost of living in Sydney is expensive.