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dj mustard net worth


The original name of D J Mustard is “Dijon Isaiah McFarlane.” DJ Mustard is the stage name of this famous rapper, record executive, incredible songwriter, and outstanding record producer. Mustard is an American nationalist. The reason for the fame of DJ mustard is that he works with many well-known artists in America and artists from different countries. As a rapper, he began his career in 2009. He became famous overnight with the song “Rack City” by “Tyga.” This song was released in 2011. Additionally, he made a lot of money from his career. This is an informative article about the life of DJ Mustard, including DJ Mustard’s net worth, early life, career, personal life, and other interesting facts.

Early life

On June 5th, 1990, DJ Mustard was born in the United States. The place of birth of Mustard is Los Angeles, which is a city in California states, USA. The grandparents of DJ Mustard belonged to the African country “Jamaica.” Unfortunately, DJ Mustard’s father has been deported back to his ancestor’s country Jamaica. After the deportation of his father, Mustard decided to live in the United States of America. And then he used to live with his uncle. Mustard’s uncle is also a famous DJ by profession.

When the father of Mustard was deported to Jamaica, DJ Mustard was only eleven-year-old. In his childhood, he start taking a keen interest in DJing. When he was a teenager, he performed as a DJ at a family function, which received a great deal of praise from his family and inspired him to become a professional DJ. After that, he performs with his uncle at most local and family functions.

Personal life

DJ Mustard’s personal life is largely unknown. During his teenage years, DJ Mustard began dating Chanel Thierry. They dated each other when Mustard was only nineteen years old in 2008. Mustard and Thierry spent ten years with each other after that, and they decided to get engaged. The engagement ceremony of this couple was held in 2018. Both stayed in this relationship for two years. Finally, after two years, on October 10th, 2020, Mustard and Thierry get married. Now both are living a happy life. The couple also has two sons and a beautiful daughter.

He is a well-known D.J., composer and record producer in America. He is renowned for his distinctive producing style, which frequently combines R&B, hip hop, and dance music elements. Ty Dolla Sign, Wiz Khalifa, YG, and Jeremih are some well-known musicians he has collaborated with.


As described earlier, DJ mustard grew up performing at family events and local clubs from the beginning of his childhood. That is why he got a lot of experience and skills in his field.

When Mustard started his professional career, he collaborated with a famous rapper, “YG,” from California, USA. Mustard and YG worked together for a long time and made several mixtapes.

At the age of 21, DJ Mustard worked and released an album with the collaboration of multiple artists. The album was released in the year 2010. After that, he decided to perform as a solo artist and managed to release a song in 2011. The title of his solo song is “Rack City.” This song was liked by his followers and got a lot of fame.

After this solo song, DJ mustard moved toward Atlanta in 2012. Over there, he works with number of different singers and produces multiple songs. Some titles of his famous songs are:

  • Ballin
  • Pure Water
  • Want Her
  • Magic
  • Don’t Hurt Me
  • Whole Lotta Lovin’
  • 100 bands

DJ Mustard also releases a lot of mixtapes. One mixtape released on June 3rd, 2015, named “Ketchup,” gained a lot of popularity. Along with these songs and mixtapes, Mustard also released multiple record labels. Some titles of his famous record labels are:

  • Interscope Records
  • Roc Nation
  • Republic Records
  • Thump Records

Music Genre of Mustard songs

Mustard is a professional singer, rapper, and DJ. During his career, he sings a lot of songs. He sings almost on in every genre, like Mustard sings Hip Hop music. The Genre of DJ Mustard are as follows:

  • Rap music
  • Rap music.

Because he sings on a lot of genre, he is known as a versatile singer.

Collaboration with other songwriting partners

Throughout his career, DJ Mustard has worked with many famous artists, including songwriters, rappers, and other singers. He with YG, Ty Dolla Sign, Roddy Ricch, Drake, Ye. The collaboration work gives a lot of new experiences and the next level of fame to him.

Awards and Nominations

DJ Mustard has done splendid work in his field. The work pays off him well. For the admiration of his work, he got a Grammy award for best R&B songs. He was also nominated for the Grammy Award for the category of “Song of the year.”

DJ Mustard’s net worth

DJ Mustard is a very hardworking, skillful, and professional singer. At the age of 32 years, he is still doing a lot of work in the music industry. The music industry accepts him well. Mustard also earns a lot of wealth from his profession, along with fame. As of 2022, DJ Mustard’s net worth is approximately 8 million US dollars. This net worth is still increasing day by day.


A record producer and DJ, Mustard began building his career when he produced mixtapes for rapper YG, which led to him making a name for himself in the music industry. After his success with YG, he began to garner other artists’ interest and started developing his sound, known as “ratchet music.” It is estimated that DJ Mustard net worth is approximately 8 million dollars as of June 2022.


  • What caused DJ Mustard to change his name?

Because of his first name, he obtained his DJ name from the condiment Dijon mustard. As he became older, he became more proficient at DJing, and DJ Mustard is his real name.

  • What is the origin of DJ Mustard’s fame?

At 21 years old, Mustard stumbled into mainstream prominence when he mixed a sequence of sounds for Tyga’s “Rack City, ” which eventually reached #7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. This is thought as the origin of Mustard fame.

  • Does Mustard own his house?

She was known as DJ Mustard, and record producer Dijon McFarlane bought a house in Chatsworth for $2.36 million. An English-style estate situated on almost three acres of land, the house of Mustard includes a swimming pool and spa, a lighted tennis court, and a six-car garage.

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