What Are Possums? And How To Get Rid Of Possums With Best Methods?

How To Get Rid Of Possums


Possums are marsupials that spend most of their time at night. Even though its face and tail look like a rat, this mammal is not a rodent. As with other marsupials, the possum is born undeveloped. This is why it spends its early years inside its mother’s pouch.

The tail of an adult possum measures 10 to 12 inches long and is 24 to 40 inches long. Possums wrap their tail around branches to stabilize themselves while climbing. Grey fur coats the body, weighing anywhere from 4 to 12 pounds. In this guide, you will learn how to get rid of possum its sign’s causes in detail.

The signs of a possum

The first sign that a possum may be living on your property is its droppings since possums are secretive animals. Possum excrement is long and smooth, ranging from 1 to 2 inches in length. This substance is brown, but it sometimes develops a white or yellow mold. There are no other signs of possums around. Besides that, you may hear hissing and shriek or notice disappearing food (either in your garbage or in your pet’s food bowl).

Why do possum infestations occur?

It is the presence of food, but possums are omnivores, so this covers a wide area. Examples of foods that will attract possums include:

  • Fallen fruits and berries from plants you are growing.
  • Birdseed that has fallen from your feeders.
  • Pet food (don’t feed your pets outside).
  • Trash

How to get rid of a possum?

Many people focus on the pros and choose to get rid of possums on their property, but there are pros and cons to having possums on their property. Possums prey on various animals that are considered objectionable by most people, such as snakes (even poisonous snakes). 

Some people find that the benefits of this service are outweighed by the potential dangers or nuisances posed by possums. There is also the fear factor to consider. It can be frightening to walk absent-mindedly to your compost bin at night and come face-to-face with a possum bearing its menacing teeth.

1. Sprinklers are activated by motion

In terms of repelling a possum, motion-activated sprinklers are considered visual repellents, sometimes called “sight aversion.” The animal is frightened away by the sudden burst of water.

2. Electrostatic repellents

The principle is to repel possums with ultrasonic waves. These products, like motion-activated sprinklers, are entirely safe and mess-free (for humans, pets, and pests). In addition to ultrasonic pest devices, there are also possum-annoying LED strobes that flash. They are solar-powered as well. Electronic repellents are the most effective way to drive away possums when all factors are considered.

3. Repellents against chemicals

The least effective means of repelling possums are chemical repellents, partly because you need to reapply when they lose their “sting” or after a rain. You can increase your chances of success by using chemical repellents in conjunction with the other steps listed here. They work by preventing the possums from smelling their presence. They are often granular and contain a scent that resembles natural fox urine (an extract), so they are safe to use around kids and pets.

4. Using traps

  Methods of DIY treatment.

You can try catching a possum in a live trap and moving it to an appropriate location if you want to have an up-close look at it before getting rid of it. Pests cannot be relocated in many states, so check with your local authorities before choosing this option. Use a live trap designed for medium-sized pains with two openings for the best results. The web should be placed on a flat surface. Ideally, the trap should be set near the possum’s den; in the absence of that, put it wherever you have noticed the most activity.

You can bait the trap with apples, canned food, or fish. Check the web often and relocate trapped possums at least five miles from your home to an approved location. If you check the traps regularly (so that a pet does not get trapped inside for an extended period), live traps are safe to use around kids and pets.

Methods of DIY treatment

The best thing you can do is use some natural products you probably already have around the house to scare off opossums. As long as you don’t come in contact with the opossums, your repellents are just as effective.

  • Ammonia: Make a medium-sized hole in a jar or can lid. Put on gloves and pour a small amount of ammonia into this container. Place a rag inside. Pull one end of the rag up through the lid hole and close tightly once the rag has been soaked. In addition to soaking up ammonia, the rag will disperse the odor, repelling opossums from your property. This method isn’t safe to use pets outdoors as it contains chemicals similar to those found in store-bought repellents.
  • Spraying a spicy: mixture around your garden is the best solution if opossums eat your fruits and vegetables. Combine water, dish soap, and hot sauce or crushed hot pepper in a large bowl. Add this solution to a spray bottle and spray directly on your plants or in areas where opossums have been seen. Both pests and the mixture will turn away from it.
  • Garlic: is also pungent and has a unique taste similar to hot sauce. If you don’t want to spray, crush cloves and scatter them around your yard. Or you can mince them and add water to create a spray. You can use this method on any surface, and it is completely non-toxic for your pets.

What do possums hate most?

Possums are nocturnal marsupials that are found in many parts of the world. They are known for their adaptability, hardiness, and ability to survive in various environments. However, they can also be a nuisance when they invade your yard or home, and you might wonder what they hate most to keep them away.

One of the things that possums hate the most is bright lights. They are nocturnal creatures and prefer to be active at night. They become disoriented and uncomfortable when exposed to bright lights, making them avoid the area. So, installing motion sensor lights in your yard or home can effectively keep them away.

Another thing that possums dislike is strong smells. Possums have a keen sense of smell, and certain odors can make them uncomfortable and anxious. Repellents with a strong odor, like peppermint or eucalyptus, can effectively keep possums away from your property.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Possums will be kept away by what?

Opossums are indeed attracted to many smells you find distasteful, but there are also some scents that even they dislike. Examples include ammonia and mothballs. Pour some ammonia or place some mothballs in a coffee can and leave it in your yard for this type of wildlife control.

  • Which smells do possums dislike?

They dislike noxious smells. They hate the smell of ammonia, garlic, and naphthalene (a chemical found in mothballs). Additionally, they are afraid of the dark and dislike being wet.

  • Is mothballs a good deterrent for possums?

Besides being unappealing to possums, mothballs are designed to keep moths from chewing fabric that has been stored away. Possums are best encouraged to leave enclosed areas, like under a porch or in the crawlspace, by fragrant mothballs or naphthalene crystals.