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living cost manchester

Manchester is a famous city in England. The total population of Manchester city is approximately 504000 individuals, according to a survey conducted in 2018. The geographical location of Manchester city is quite important because, in the south of this city, the Cheshire Plain is situated.

On the north and east sides of Manchester, the Pennines is situated. Salford is on the west side of Manchester city. Because of its important geographical location, many people want to move or relocate to Manchester. Knowing the living cost of Manchester is beneficial before moving to Manchester.

So, this article will teach you vital information about Manchester, including the living cost Manchester.

The notable things about Manchester

There are many famous things in Manchester city, which is the top attraction for tourists. In these notable things, the architecture and culture, the progress in science and engineering, social richness, and famous football sports clubs are included. One fantastic thing about Manchester is that the first intercity railway station for local passengers was built in this city. The name of this project is “Manchester Liverpool Road railway station. In this city, a lot of top-rank universities are also present. Manchester also attracted a lot of people due to a lot of job opportunities.

Because Manchester has a lot of attractions for people around the globe, it is a good idea to know more about the living cost of Manchester. So, in the following section, you will learn about the cost of different things in Manchester.

Living cost Manchester

Many factors are involved in calculating the total living cost in Manchester, including food, house, transportation, etc.

The accommodation cost

The cost of buying a house for living in Manchester is very high. That’s why it is a smart choice to live in a rental house rather than buy a new one for allow income person. The average cost of a house in Manchester differs by the location and the size of the house. For example, the maximum cost of a nine hundred square feet furnished apartment is about two thousand and one hundred pounds per month. This cost is for the main Manchester areas. At the same time, you can get a house on rent for one thousand and eight hundred rupees in a standard or inexpensive area.

Eating food in restaurants cost

Eating food for a long time from restaurants is not a good idea for an average-income person in Manchester. Because in the city the restaurant’s food is costly. You can know about the inexpensive restaurant food cost by knowing that you have to pay around eighteen dollars per meal. A half-liter mineral water bottle in the same restaurant can cost you around 1.35 dollars per bottle. And domestic bear price in Manchester is 5.32 dollars per half-liter bottle.

Besides restaurants, a single person’s average food cost in Manchester is about 423 dollars per person. And if you are a four-member family, you must pay around 1091 US dollars for food.

Utility bills cost

For living in a Manchester house, a lot of utility items are a must for you. For a person living in a city, electricity, internet, garbage, heating, and cooling are essential utilities. The average cost of all these utilities is almost 3000 dollars per month. So, add this cost to your budget before moving to Manchester City.

Transportation cost

People who want to get a house to rent in Manchester city’s suburbs to save money must add transportation cost into their budget. The transportation cost in Manchester can be calculated by knowing the price of a one-way ticker, which is 3.73 dollars per person and the monthly pass price is almost 87 dollars. The gasoline price (in the case of private transportation facilities) is almost 1.66 dollars per gallon. So, these are the cost of transportation means in Manchester city.

Maintaining health cost

Health is an essential part of everyone’s life. The famous saying quote that “Health Is Wealth’. So, spending on health while living in Manchester is also a wise choice. The weather of Manchester city is in favor of doing healthy activities with nature. However, there are a lot of gyms and clubs available, which can cost you around 34 US dollars per month for a healthy adult. If you are a tennis player and want to maintain your health by playing tennis, you must know that the average tennis court cost is approximately 14 US dollars for an hour.

Shopping for clothes and shoe cost

Clothing and shoes are also essential for living anywhere in the world. The cost of designer shoes and clothes is very high in Manchester. A person who has a very high income can afford designer clothing and shoes. The average salaried person can only buy branded shoes and clothing. The average cost of one pair of jeans in Manchester is 84 US dollars. Suppose you want to buy a summer dress, then you must pay 37 US dollars per summer suit. The shoe price is about 80 US dollars from the Adidas walking shoe article.

Is it costly to live in Manchester?

The typical monthly cost of living in Manchester is about $2,504 for a single individual and $4,448 for a family of four. Let’s examine Manchester’s cost of living in further depth. Manchester is a global metropolis with a vibrant local culture.

How much money must you earn to live in Manchester?

A respectable pay varies from 35,000 to 45,000 GBP per year before taxes, taking into account Manchester’s 37,943 GBP average yearly wage. The average salary for entry-level workers is around 28,455 GBP per year, while the annual compensation for experienced workers can reach 59,798 GBP.

Final thoughts

The average living cost in Manchester is about 1700 dollars per month. Manchester’s ranked in the UK’s most expensive cities is the 32nd. According to data, there are approximately 9294 cities currently present around the globe, and the number of Manchester among these cities is 2086th in terms of expansiveness.


  • Does Manchester offer a lower cost of living than London?

London’s cost of living is 45 percent higher than Manchester’s, making it a much more cost-effective option than London’s. A family of four would spend approximately £2,325.28 monthly without rent. On average, Manchester’s rent is 54.26% lower than London’s.

  • Do rents in Manchester seem expensive?

A recent study ranked Manchester among the ten most expensive cities to rent. So, yes, the rents in Manchester are very expensive.

  • What are the crime rates in Manchester?                  

Manchester’s tiny population has the second-highest crime rate in the United Kingdom, right behind London. Although antisocial behavior is the most committed crime in Manchester, six other cities have higher rates of antisocial crime per 1,000 individuals, including Newcastle, Preston, and Sheffield.

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