Each And Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft Axe Enchantments

Minecraft Axe Enchantments

What is Minecraft axe enchantments?

Enchanting in Minecraft involves imbuing an item, typically weapons or armor, with special bonuses or unique features that give the player an edge in combat. These bonuses can vary from extending the lifespan of a weapon or tool to improving the protection offered by clothing and armor.

Best Minecraft Axe enchantments 

Choosing which enchantments you want to put on your axe can be challenging. It’s impossible to have more than five on a single Axe without using cheats. Currently, there are nine available, with more coming that have already been tested. If we use some, we will make sure they are the best. So here we are, seeing the best possible combinations, ranking them from worst to best, and finding out how to obtain the ones we choose.

Total Available enchantments

The following enchantments are available for Axes:

  • The Bane of Arthropods
  • The Curse of Vanishing
  • Efficiencies
  • Boosts Fortune
  • The Mending
  • Enhanced Sharpness
  • Features Silk Touch
  • Including Smite
  • Undefeatable

In some cases, enchantments cannot coexist in the same item so that we will see all of the incompatibilities for every single witchcraft.

Best combination

Before taking a closer look at all Axe enchantments, let’s see how they can best be combined. Since there are no limits to how many enchantments we can put on an item in Minecraft, we need only pick a list of compatible enchantments.

We recommend the following combination:

  • Energy and Efficiency
  • Rebuilding
  • Touch of Silk
  • The Sharpness V
  • The Unbreaking III

Alternately, if you wanted to farm crops with your axe, you could change Silk Touch with Fortune III (Silk Touch and Fortune are incompatible). Alternately, you could use a more specific offensive enchantment, such as Smite, in place of Sharpness. We have no reason not to put Efficiency, Mending and Unbreaking first.

Minecraft Axe enchantments from worst to best

Energy and Efficiency

An enchantment such as this is very useful when gathering resources with a tool. A wooden block can be broken much faster with an enchanted Efficiency axe. Level 1 efficiency speeds up the chopping process by 25%, while level 5 efficiency speeds it up by 45%.


The best way to repair enchanted items is probably with this enchantment, which you probably want on all your favorite things. The experience orbs you receive when holding a Mending magical Axe will be used to repair the item instead of going into your experience (only if the axe is damaged). The enchanted axe (or any other tool or piece of armor) can be kept forever with this Anvil. It is automatic and does not have any of the disadvantages of the Anvil, at least until you fall into Lava. There can only be one level of this enchantment.

Touch of Silk

The Silk Touch enchantment is very interesting. In this way, you can get blocks that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain, such as Bee Nests. In breaking an alliance with a Silk Touch enchanted tool, the partnership will drop precisely what it would typically drop. When a Stone block is declined, it will drop a Stone block instead of a Cobblestone Block. Melon slices will replace Melon blocks if a Melon drops one instead. It is very effective to farm Melons with a Silk Touch enchanted axe.

  • This enchantment can only be level 1.
  • Silk Touch cannot be used with fortune.

The Sharpness V

Axes enchanted with Sharpness deal more damage. Sharpness increases from level 1 to level 5. The Java edition of this damage will be equal to 0.5*level+0.5, or from 1 to 3. From 1.25 to 6.25 in Bedrock Edition, it is similar to 1.25*level. The following two enchantments are considered more valuable, so Sharpness didn’t go to the top, but it should come first if your main goal is to deal damage. Neither Smite nor Bane of Arthropods is compatible with it.

The Unbreaking III

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Whenever you use an Axe, whether to attack a monster or chop wood, it loses durability until it eventually breaks. It is possible that the Unbreaking enchantment will not reduce the durability of your axe after one use. The item’s durability isn’t increased, but it will decrease more slowly, resulting in a longer lifespan. There are four levels of unbreaking, and each level increases the chances of skipping durability reduction.

How to enchant a Minecraft Axe enchantments?

You can choose all the best enchantments by collecting all the Enchanted Books and combining them on one axe with an anvil.

Usage of Minecraft Axe enchantments

The primary purpose is to chop wood or break wooden blocks. As well as transforming Wood into Stripped Wood and stripping logs, which are primarily used as ornaments, they are the only tools capable of doing so. There is no doubt that Axes are used in Pp. Combat because their damage is more remarkable than Sword damage. The axe is also a slower weapon than a sword, so if you hit an Axe and wait a while, you’ll be able to strike again more quickly. It is up to players to decide whether they prefer a more aggressive sword attack or only a few devastating axe blows. Additionally, Axes can be enchanted with less offensive enchantments, whereas Swords can only be delighted with Fire Aspect.

Can I put looting on an axe?

While it may be possible to put the enchantment of looting on an axe in certain video games, it is not possible to physically enchant a real-life axe with looting capabilities. Looting is an enchantment that allows players in certain games to collect more items from the mobs they defeat, which can be useful for gathering resources and improving gameplay.

However, in real life, an axe is a tool primarily used for cutting wood or other materials. Enchantments and magical abilities do not exist in the physical world, and attempting to create an enchanted axe would be futile.

Furthermore, looting is typically associated with theft and plunder, which is illegal and unethical in the real world. Therefore, even if it were possible to enchant an axe with looting, it would not be a socially acceptable or legal action.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • In Minecraft, how many enchantments can an axe have?

After you have placed the diamond axe and lapis lazuli into the two boxes, you will see about three different enchantment options displayed in the enchantment slots.

  • What happens when you enchant an axe with fortune?

When the axe is used for certain activities, the amount of drops increases with an Ax. If your Fortune level is high, there is a greater chance of receiving a decrease or an increased amount of reduction. Apples, sticks, and saplings are more likely to grow from leaves used as bait.

  • Do axes have a fire aspect?

We added the ability to apply the Fire Aspect to swords. Axes now can use the Fire Aspect.