Why Teaching in Chengdu


Chengdu is a vibrant city with a great historical heritage and unique culture influenced by the Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese for many years. It’s one of the best cities to teach in China due to the numerous perks, benefits, and low cost of living. The locals in the city are hospitable, friendly, and ready to support an expat new to the town. There are plenty of exciting destinations, natural attractions, and parks to travel and enjoy while living and working in the city. This city has numerous restaurants and teahouses where locals and expats can enjoy some of the best food, including noodles, Sichuan dumplings, and freshly brewed tea. Below are some reasons why you should teach in Chengdu.

  • Cost of living

The city of Chengdu boasts of its affordable cost of living and is home to one of the top destinations for foreign teachers looking for teaching opportunities in China. The cost of living in the city is low compared to other cities in China. Due to the affordable cost of living, most expats and foreign teachers prefer living in this region of the country. For instance, most hired teachers in different positions are offered accommodation for free. The utilities, including electricity, heat, internet, television, water and transport, are affordable, and one can easily manage these expenses.

  • Museums and historical sites

Chengdu presents many incredible natural attractions, parks and sceneries for you to enjoy during your stay in the city. The city has many historical sites to tour with friends, including the Sanxingdui and Jinsha Ruin archaeological sites. Jinsha Ruin is considered one of the city’s most important archaeological sites and contains approximately three thousand years old artifacts. Sanxingdui site is the largest museum in the southwestern part of China and has artifacts that are at least more than five thousand years old. These are the best places to visit and learn about ancient Chinese history while working in the city.

  • Entertainment

Chengdu has many parks and entertainment areas where visitors can enjoy and spend time with their families and friends. The people of Chengdu are known throughout China for enjoying a slower pace of life and being more relaxed than the inhabitants of other cities due to the extensive range and a vast number of teahouses and restaurants in the city. The teahouses in the city are packed with locals who happily spend the entire afternoon chatting, playing cards, sipping on freshly brewed tea and playing Mahjong. In the city’s northeast part, you can take a trip to the Chengdu Giant Research base with your students to learn about pandas while feeding them and playing with the friendly ones.

  • Great pay and benefits

There are plenty of jobs in Chengdu for expats looking for English teaching opportunities in the city. Chengdu and other cities in China are keen to recruit teachers and offer numerous compensation packages and other benefits. The high salary rate for teaching is one of the reasons for working and living in Chengdu due to the plenty of opportunities. Other compensation packages and benefits include free accommodation, vacation, flights, health insurance and bonuses. A high salary and low cost of living will allow you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while still setting aside savings for the future and enjoying some travelling experiences on the weekends.

Chengdu city provides plenty of reasons for teaching in China, providing a comfortable lifestyle while enjoying your stay. You will gain new experiences and interact with friendly locals and get the opportunity to learn about their unique culture and traditions. You will acquire new skills from teaching and interacting with learners from diverse cultures and get a chance to learn and gain lots of experience. Teaching in Chengdu will offer memorable, incredible travel experiences and future opportunities in your teaching career.

Hassan Abbas
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