Window Caps: An Overview Of Window Caps And Their Different Types With Proper Description

window caps


It is common for homeowners to spend a lot of money on painting the exterior portion of their home’s windows. Moisture and rain also hurt the house’s windows. By using window caps, you can protect your house’s windows. In this article, you learn about the widow cap in detail. So, without wasting time, let’s start exploring window caps.

What are window caps?

Caps on windows play a significant role in protecting windows during the construction of any home. Window caps are also essential to make your home’s exterior more pleasing. There are different types of window caps made from different materials. There are many different kinds of window caps available in the market. It is possible to distinguish the types of window caps based on the material used for making them.

The primary purpose of window caping is to cover the frame of your house’s window. Wooden windows and doors can be extended in life by capping them. As a result, window caps serve as a protective layer against weather conditions such as rain, storms, moisture, etc.

Caps for windows: types and materials

Window caps are made with different kinds of materials. This section will teach you about different types of window caps materials. The choice of material for window caps is significant because window cap material dramatically affects the overall appearance of your home.

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You must choose window capping material that matches the exterior of your house. The second factor you must keep in mind while choosing window caping is the life of the material. The material you choose for the window cap should not be chipping or rotting quickly. If caping material starts rusting and fast chipping, the overall appearance of your house looks very bad.

Following are the name and details of the window caping material:

Vinyl window caping

It would help if you used vinyl window caping with the vinyl window. Vinyl is a cheap material used for window caping with low maintenance costs. Polyvinyl chloride is the primary ingredient of vinyl, which is primarily plastic. Vinyl window caping comes in many colors, and you can choose vinyl window caping according to the exterior of your home. You can use vinyl window caping without applying paint to it. 

While vinyl window caps have many benefits, they also have some disadvantages. The disadvantage of vinyl widow caping are described below:

  • In hot weather like summer, vinyl window caping can quickly melt down and wrap with the window. So, you cannot use vinyl caping where the temperature goes exceptionally high.
  • Vinyl capping can quickly become brittle and cracked in shallow temperatures like winter. So, you cannot use vinyl caping where the temperatures go extremely low.
  • You can use vinyl caping only in the place where the temperature stays moderate throughout the year

Cedar window caping

Cedar window caping is one of the best materials used with wooden windows. You can get multiple benefits if you use cedar as window caps. Some benefits of cedar window caps are mentioned below:

  • Cedar caping provides natural resistance against insects
  • With the help of cedar window caps, you can protect your window from moisture.

There are also some disadvantages attached to cedar window caping. The following are some disadvantages associated with cedar window capping:

  • Sap from cedar can bleed through the paint to create challenging to remove stains. However, you can protect cedar caping from bleeding through a process called “Priming cedar caping.”
  • Cedar caping also have more maintenance costs than vinyl window caps. 
  • The cost of cedar widow caps is also high. 

Aluminum window caps

Aluminum is the most used material for window caps. Aluminum is the first material that is available as window capping material. Utilizing aluminum for window caps has many benefits.Some benefits are described below:

  • Aluminum window caps have more resistive properties that provide resistance against insects.
  • You can also protect your windows against moisture by using aluminum window caps.
  • Using aluminum window caps is also beneficial for enhancing the overall beauty of the house because aluminum has a smooth and glossy surface. 
  • Aluminum can bear weather harshness more efficiently.
  • The life of aluminum window caps is much longer than any other window casing material.
  • Aluminum window caps also provide strength and durability to your home’s window. 
  • The cost of aluminum window caps is also reasonable compared to its benefits.

Fiberglass window caps

In scorching temperatures, metallic windows expand from their standard shape, and in freezing temperatures, windows contract from their original condition. So, if you live in such places, fiberglass window caps are the best option for your house. As a result of fiberglass window caps, the following benefits are available: Fiberglas window caps can expand and contract according to the weather situation. By installing Fiberglas window caps, you can get rid of cracking of window caps with the extreme change in the weather.

  • The weight of fiberglass window caps is meager. That is why fiberglass window caps’ installation procedure and cost are deficient.
  • Window caps made with fiberglass have an extreme strength-to-weight ratio. 

Along with the benefits, fiberglass window caps has some drawbacks also, which are mentioned below:

  • The first disadvantage of fiberglass window caps is that you cannot easily mold or customize fiberglass according to your requirement.
  • Fiberglass window caps have minimal color and hardware options.


Window caps are necessary for the protection and longevity of your building’s windows. It would help if you bore some extra cost for purchasing and installing window caps, but it has more benefits than expenses in the long term. Throughout this article, you’ll learn about different kinds of window caps. After reading this article, you can purchase the best window caps that are suitable and according to your budget.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it necessary to cap windows?

You may want to consider capping the exterior trim of your home to enhance its appearance and durability rather than replacing the entire piece. It is imperative to install limiting over your window frames to reinforce the seal between the window and the wall, preventing water leaks and damage to your property.

How long does it take to put glass in a window?

Depending on the size of your window, the installation process may take up to 30 minutes. Because of this, if the installation is overly large or requires special attention, such as trimming siding, it could take up to two days.