Everything You Need To Know About Blast Protection Minecraft

Blast Protection Minecraft

Blast Protection Minecraft

In addition to reducing the damage caused by TNT explosions, creeper explosions, ghast fireballs, initial wither boss explosions, and ender crystals, the Blast Protection enchantment also prevents damage from creeper explosions. An enchanting table, anvil, or game command can be used to enchant any piece of armor, such as helmets, chestplates, leggings, or boots, with the Blast Protection enchantment. Therefore, wearing enchanted armor will improve your blast protection.

Blast Protection can be enchanted to a maximum level of 4. Blast Protection IV can be applied to an item, so the higher the group, the stronger the enchantment. Minecraft’s blast protection can be found on enchanting tables or enchanted books worldwide. Armor is the only item that can be transported with this enchantment. Helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots all fall under this set of requirements. Turtle shells can even be equipped with blast protection.

To enchant an item, players will need an anvil or enchanting table. A player will have the option to choose from three different enchantments when transporting a table. There is no guarantee that players will receive blast protection from the first menu since multiple armor enchantments exist. To increase the enchantment strength, you can place bookshelves around it. To get stronger enchantments, players need to have a higher level of enchantments. However, this isn’t difficult to achieve.

How to do blast protection Minecraft?

Blast protection in Minecraft refers to the measures players can take to protect their structures and creations from explosive damage caused by TNT, Creeper explosions, and other sources of explosive force. A key component of blast protection is cobblestone, which has a high blast resistance, making it a popular choice for building walls and other structures that need to withstand explosions.

 Additionally, players can use obsidian, a naturally occurring block created when water meets lava, as a form of blast protection. Obsidian is the only block in Minecraft with a blast resistance of 18,000, making it nearly indestructible.

Another important aspect of blast protection is the proper placement of explosive devices, Redstone circuitry, and other tools to control when and where they activate. Blast protection is an important aspect of Minecraft gameplay, whether it’s to protect valuable resources, strategic locations, or simply for creative expression.

Players can raise their experience level.

In the game, players raise their experience level (enchantment level) by mining blocks, killing mobs, or melting items. The enchantment level must be level four for players to have blast protection. The blast protection enchantment can also be placed on the armor using an anvil. So, players only need to locate an enchanted book that will provide blast protection.

It can be found throughout the entire Minecraft world. People can discover enchanted books by fishing, trading with villagers, digging in strongholds, and seeing them inside random chests or shipwreck chests or chests near broken Nether portals. Blast protection in the Nether can be a tremendous asset while exploring there. The purpose of blast protection in Minecraft will be explained in this article.

Usage of blast protection

8% of the damage is absorbed for every level added, meaning that 8th level = 8% reduction in damage for explosions. In the highest level of Protection (4 x 8%), the blast will absorb 32% of the damage. In theory, at level 13, explosions should not cause harm (since the armor should absorb 100%), but it is only capable of 80% damage reduction.

Since the protection provided by each piece of armor adds up to 100% at level 13, the damage reduction might theoretically be eliminated at that point. Still, the developers took this into consideration and set the cap at 80%. Additionally, this enchantment lessens the knockback from explosions by 15% per level. However, this percentage is rounded to the next integer (100%) and is therefore evident if the player has blast protection level IV.

Defending against explosion knockback is also reduced by (15th level)% in Java Edition. Due to rounding, the knockback reduction is only noticeable if the player is close to the explosion and has Blast Protection VII or higher. Only the highest level’s knockback reduction is applied if multiple pieces are enchanted.


Protecting against blasts, fire, and projectiles are mutually exclusive. However, if more than one of these enchantments is added to the same item using commands or mob drops, the effects stack.

How does Minecraft blast protection work?

When players are protected from explosive damage, they will not be damaged. For example, firework damage, TNT, creepers, ghast fireballs, and wither damage are mentioned. While fighting the Nether boss, players will understand that this enchantment is very helpful. With blast protection, players will take minor damage from the withers’ explosive skull attacks. Players will also be less likely to lose health when the withers shoot explosive skulls.

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Blasting protection will allow players to defeat the ghast, another Nether mob. Players will take fire and explosive damage when the assembly shoots explosive fireballs at them. If they have blast protection, the player will not lose as many health points from blast attacks. Overworld players can also benefit from blast protection. Minecraft has many different mobs, including the creeper, one of the most common. In addition to being extremely annoying, these mobs have no regard for personal space.

In addition to the player, anything around the creeper will be blown up by the creature. The creeper can damage even structures that players spend considerable time building. This mob’s attack self-destructs, killing any nearby mobs and the player.

Blast Protection vs. Minecraft Protection

Two of the most popular defensive enchantments in the game are Protection and Blast Protection. Both of these enchantments can help the player to survive. One can rely on them both to improve their chances of surviving. Players have, however, been comparing Protection with Blast Protection. The purpose of this article is to describe both of these enchantments. We will explain the differences and benefits of these two enchantments to help you decide which should be your best choice.


Protect is a enchant that provides Protection against all types of damage to the player. Armor of any kind can be transported with Protect. The player’s damage reduction ability increases after applying the enchant. One thing to note is that Protection does not work with other defensive enchantments, for example, Blast Protection. As a result, you cannot stack them. It works as follows: A player’s armor will determine which protection enchantment will apply. A player who wears an armor that provides twenty armor points will be blessed with an 80% damage reduction from the magic. In this case, the player will receive much less damage than he should receive.

Blast Protection

As opposed to Protection, Blast Protection is a more specific enchant that is popular. Akin to Protection is also an armor delight that cannot be combined with another protective enchant. The primary purpose of this item is to reduce player damage from explosions and fireworks. Protection and Blast Protection differ primarily because Blast Protection emphasizes more excellent Protection from bombs. Protection will provide an overall damage reduction in damages, but it will do so at a much lower rate. This is great to use if you wish to avoid explosive damage and aren’t interested in other types of damage.


  • What is better, blast protection or Protection?

On the other hand, Blast Protection focuses much more on protecting you against explosions than Protection.

  • Do I need blast protection in Minecraft?

Players will take fire and explosive damage when the mob shoots explosive fireballs at them. With blast protection, players will not lose as much health as otherwise.

  • What is the Best Protection for Minecraft?

Even though Protection IV offers an 8% damage reduction per level, certain types of damage for armor cannot compensate.