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Carmen Pritchett is an American nationality holder. She belongs to the famous city of America, Puerto Rico, and she gained popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms. She makes videos about her daily personal life. At the request of her follower, she has been continuing video making about her personal life since 2016; in the same year, she uploads her first video on her YouTube channel. Her fan wonders and frequently ask about the Carmen Pritchett age. In this article, you will learn about your favorite personality, age, bio, career information, and other exciting aspects of her life.

Early life

Carmen Pritchett was born in Puerto Rico; the date of birth of Pritchett is 16th October 1998. This likeness of making led her to become a YouTuber.As a Wiseman saying, “do what you want to do.” Carmen Pritchett does the same thing. That is why she gained a lot of fame from her YouTube channel. Apart from fame, she also earns handsome money from her YouTube channel. After spending her early life in her hometown and making some great vlogs, she moved to Los Angele, a city in California State, USA.

Carmen Pritchett age and zodiac sign

Since Carmen Pritchett was born in 1998, as of 2022, she is currently 23. The month and date of her birthday is 16 October; that’s why the zodiac sign of Prichett is Libra. They strive for order and aesthetics in everything they do. Balance is also important for a person who has the “Libra” Zodiac sign, and they are equally as kind as generous. A Libra is also a king or queen of compromise and likes to make peace with others. All these personality attributes of Libra are present in Carmen Pritchett.

Weight and height of Carmen Pritchett

It is the priority of every showbiz personality to maintain a healthy weight. From that point of view, being a mother of two children, Carmen balanced her weight well. Currently, she weighs 51 kilograms with a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. The height and weight ratio of Carmen Pritchett is a perfect indication that she is enjoying a healthy life according to the BMI parameter.

Personal life

The information about her father, mother, and siblings is unavailable online. But in her life section, it is worth describing that she is a married woman. From her early days, she was interested in her YouTube partner Cory Pritchett Jr. This interest led them to get engaged. After some time of their engagement, they decided to get married.

In 2016 Carmen Pritchett and Cory Pritchett Jr. got married. Both are living happily with each other. After two years of marriage, they welcomed a newborn baby boy on 11 October 2018. According to information on the internet, the couple decided to call their son ‘CJ.’ So far, Carmen Pritchett did not have any wiki or bio from the famous encyclopedia.

Later, in 2021 the couple announced they were expecting their second baby. And in March of 2022, Carmen Pritchett gave birth to her second son. The name of their second son is Cayden. Now, the family of Carmen Pritchett consists of four members. And they live a happy life in Los Angeles, California.

She became well-known on the platform by broadcasting videos about her pregnancy. Across all of her channels, she has uploaded more than 500 videos. C.J., their first son, was born to them in October 2018. Cayden, their second child, was born in March 2022.


Currently, Carmen is a professional YouTuber who is working on three YouTube channels. Carmen Pritchett started her YouTube career with her fiancé Cory Pritchett Jr. Before working in collaboration with Carmen, and Cory Pritchett ran his own YouTube channel. In 2016 when they started their YouTube channel, the name of the channel was “Formerly Carmen Pretty Hispanic.” After some time, they change the name of their channel. Now their YouTube channel is known as “Carmen and Corey.” As of June 2022, they have a total of 4 million subscribers. On the “Carmen and Corey” YouTube channel, they upload vlogs on multiple topics. Some topics of their videos are:

  • Prank videos
  • Challenge’s reaction videos
  • Travel and trip videos
  • Personal life Vlogs

On this “Carmen and Corey” YouTube channel, both made videos as a group. They also earn a lot of money from the monetization of their YouTube channel. Apart from this, Carmen Pritchett also has her own YouTube channel, which was made in 2018. On this channel, she mainly covers her most personal matters like

  • How is she dealing with her insecurities?
  • What is it feel to be pregnant at a young age?
  • Feeling for being a mom?
  • What does Carmen do to be a fashionable lady with a low budget?

The video on above mention topics attracts a lot of audiences to her personal YouTube channel. She uploaded more than 500 hundred videos on her YouTube channel. Currently, she has more than one million subscribers on her personal YouTube channel. The earnings from her channel is also very good. Her husband also has his own separate YouTube channel.

Corry and Carmen work together on their second YouTube channel, “The Pritchett Family” as well, with 1.04 million subscribers. Both are active on the second channel too. Corry and Carmen mainly uploaded their family videos on this channel, including Carmen, Corry, and their children.

Apart from an appearance on the YouTube channel, Carmen is also very active on other social media platforms like:

  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

She also uses these social media networks to earn money. For example, she has more than four million followers on Instagram alone. Due to her outreach on Instagram, so many brands want to work with Carmen. She primarily works with lingerie fashion designers, beauty products, and swimwear firms.

Net worth

With so many works on the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Carmen Pritchett earn a lot of money. As of June 2022, it is estimated that she has a total net worth of more than one million US dollars.


  • How long has Carmen Pritchett been married?

Corey Pritchett Jr., a famous YouTuber, is married to Carmen Pritchett. The couple collaborates on YouTube videos, and their channel has more than 4 million subscribers. A million subscribers subscribe to her YouTube channel as well. Both have been living with each other as a married couple for the last four years.

  • Does Carmen Pritchett Have a Million Dollar Income?

Yes, Carmen Prichett has a total wealth of about one million US dollars.

  • How many children do Corey and Carmen have?

Both have two beautiful baby boys. The name of their elder son is CJ, and the younger son’s name is Cayden.

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