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Minecraft developers work hard to make this game as interesting as possible. For this reason, developers continuously introduce exciting things in the game. The response from the gamers is also very admirable for the changes in the game. Minecraft development team introduces Shul Box in the game, which is nowadays one of the most desirable items for gamers. More often, new players asked about how to make shulker boxes. These newbies will get the answer to their questions in this article.

When a player defeats a dragon, he gets many rewards in the game. But the value of these rewards in front-of-end cities rewards is very low. To get end city rewards, a player must defeat shulker enemies. After defeating the shulker enemies, they drop shulker shells. Later, these shulker shells are used in making shulker boxes as essential ingredients.

Shulker box

Shulkar boxes in Minecraft are used to save inventory. They keep the inventory inside of them even after the box is broken. In this box, there is a total of 27 number for empty inventory slots available. This number of slots is enough for any Minecraft player to move around the Minecraft play area. In Minecraft, shulker boxes are also used as decoration items.

Shuckers drop 0–1 shulker shells in the Bedrock Edition. With Looting III, the limit can be increased by 1 for a total of 0–4 shots. When killed, shuckers in the Java Edition have a 50% chance of dropping a shulker shell.

Using an Iron Sword or higher is advised to combat the Shulker. However, when their shell is closed, they gain 20 armor points, making them more challenging to kill. Once the Shulker opens its shell, its armor points will be lost, making it simpler to kill.

How to make shulker boxes?

Shulker boxes are a type of storage container in Minecraft that are unique because they retain their contents even when broken and moved. They are particularly useful for transporting items long distances and storing valuable resources and loot.

To make a shulker box, the player must first obtain shulker shells, which can be obtained by defeating shuckers in The End dimension. Once they have acquired the required number of shulker shells, the player can use them to craft a single shulker box.

To craft a shulker box, the player must place two shulker shells and a chest in a vertical line on a crafting table or inventory crafting grid. It will create a single shulker box, which can then be used to store and transport items.

The color of the shulker box can also be customized by placing a shulker box and a dye of the desired color on a crafting table or inventory crafting grid.

The developers of the Minecraft game make it enjoyable to get shulker boxes. That is why they do not provide shulker boxes by default. Instead of this, they decided to make the shulker box fun. For this purpose, they give an exciting plot to the Minecraft players.

Step 1: Travel to the end cities

If a player wants to obtain a shulker box, he must travel to the end cities. One precaution a player must take is to get a fighting sword with him. The sword must consist of looting enchantment.

Note: At this point, you must keep one thing in mind if you fight and defeat a shulker in end cities, you can not find this shulker in this city. Because after the defeat, they left the end city, moved on towards a new city, and spawned in the new city. You have to make extra effort to travel to the end city again and fight and defeat the shulker to get more shulker shells. So, if you have a sword with looting enchantment, there are many chances you can collect enough shulker shells for making shulker boxes.

Step 2: Fighting with the enemies

In the end, a player must fight with the enemies. After winning, the fighting player gets shulker shells as a war trophy. Later, these shulker shells are used for making shulker boxes.

Step 3: Precaution

After you have found an end city and entered it, you must proceed with caution and keep an eye out for the projectiles fired by the sulkers to defend themselves. These shulker projectiles are not lethal enough to cause much damage to you. But they can be a reason to give you fall damage.

In the end, cities staying on the ledge and under the ceiling is an excellent strategy to save yourselves from these projectiles. When you get near enough to the sulker’s shell, make a full attack on the shulker with the sword and, as a result, get the dropped shulker shells.

Step 4: Making of shulker box

After getting two shulker shells, a player can make a shulker box. For completing the process of making shulker boxes, a player needed one other thing, along with shulker shells. And this ingredient is called chest.

After obtaining these two ingredients, open a crafting table. The crafting table must have 3×3 boxes in it. Once you open the crafting table, place these two ingredients in it. A player should place the chest, and the shulker shell is a sequence; the chest should be in the center of the shulker shells. After this process, you get your most automatically in the right-side box.

How can a player utilize the shulker boxes?

There are multiple ways in which you can use the shulker boxes. Some uses of the shulker boxes are described below.

Portable chests

Shulker boxes can be used as portable chest. The purpose of the chest is to save inventory in it. But the storage capacity of the chest is far lower than a shulker box. The shulker box can store items in its twenty-seven slots.


Shulker boxes can also be used as decoration pieces in the Minecraft game.

Maintaining inventory

It is not necessary to keep the shulker box empty since the box will maintain the inventory. Enough shulker boxes will allow you to maintain your inventory space over fifty times longer.

Dyeable property of Shulker boxes

Additionally, Shulker boxes can also be dyed if desired. Changing the color of a shulker box can be done relatively quickly by adding a piece of dye to your crafting menu.

Changing the name of the shulker box

The name of the shulker boxes can also be changed. This changing of the name did not affect the inventory which is stored inside the shulker box. To change the name of a shulker box, you must place the box in an anvil and change the name from the top bar. The shulker box will display its new name when hovered over to help you keep track of which items you keep in it. The modification will cost one level.


Shulker boxes are an essential thing in the Minecraft game. Pro players know how to make shulker boxes because of their experience. Now, after reading this post, you can also make it. There are many usages related to the shulker boxes. The primary use of shulker boxes is that they can save inventory items in his 27 empty slots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do shulker boxes compare with chests?

Mining shulker boxes does not result in the items falling out of the box when opened. Shulker boxes enable players to carry a lot of things quickly. One shulker box allows players to carry 1728 items total.

  • What are the uses for shulkers?

Shaulkers are large, box-shaped enemies found in end cities. They blend in with the surrounding peoper blocks as guardians of the city’s treasures. They are the only source of shells for making shulker boxes made from shulker shells.

  • In what ways are shulker boxes beneficial?

The answer is straightforward: the contents do not spill out when broken. Instead of a regular chest, they retain their contents even after being picked up and placed into your inventory. Open it up again, and there it is, all your stuff.

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