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Battle royale constantly releases beautiful skin in the Fortnite game. That’s why the gamer takes a keen interest in the game. The release of Omen Fortnite also shows the same thinking of the developer of the Fortnite game. Omen’s skin is based on a male character who wears batman clothes, with a mask on his face. In this article, you will learn interesting information about Omen Fortnite skin.

The Omen Outfit is available in the Fortnite Item Shop. Omen was no longer accessible as of December 3, 2022. It is uncertain when or if it will make another appearance in the Fortnite Item Shop.

What is the date of release?

The Omen Fortnite skin was released on June 17, 2018. (17-05-2018). That is beautiful skin, which has become one of the most demanded skins by the gamer of Fortnite. This skin is comes with a lot of special powers.

Since its release, this skin has disappeared and reappeared in the app store. However, as of today (June 2022), this skin was seen twenty-six days ago on the official Fortnite item shop.

The first time Omen Fortnite skin appeared in the game item shop on season four of Fortnite Chapter number one.

How to obtain Omen Fortnite skin?                                                      

Many items are available for sale in the item shops of the Fortnite game. Omen Fortnite skin is also part of the same item shop. You can easily buy Omen Fortnite skin from the Fortnite item store. But you have two thousand V-Bucks in your account if you want to obtain Omen Fortnite skin. Because the price of an Omen outfit is 2000 V-bucks

The appearance of Omen Fortnite skin

In appearance, the omen’s skin in Fortnite is like a male superhero. Who wears dark gray clothes. The face of this superhero is covered with a long bluish face mask. A dark color hood is on the head of an omen’s skin outfit. On the chest of the omen’s skin, you can see dark blue color patches present. You can not directly see this skin’s face because of the face mask. The hand of the omen outfit is covered with dark color gloves. Overall, you can say that this skin is a complete package of a superheroes type look.

The PNG form of Omen skin is also prevalent for Fortnite game players. There are many websites from which you can download high-resolution Omen skin in PNG format.

What is the rarity rank of the Omen Fortnite skin?

Omen Fortnite skin falls in the Legendary category in Fortnite on the rarity rank list. This skin is an outfit of a superhero and is available in the item shop on his turn. The ID of the Omen outfit is CID_141_Athena_Commando_M_DarkEagle. And gamers can easily see that it is a male-dominated Fortnite skin.

What is the set of Omen Fortnite skin?

The legendary outfit omen is part of the overseer set. This is the unique set that releases other amazing backbitings and outfits. The last skin of the overseer set is the FATE outfit. GLOW and FATE are the female outfits.

Apart from these four outfits overseer set contain fifteen cosmetic items. In this cosmetic item, one glider is included, called SPLIT WINGS. Overseer set also has a total of three types of harvesting tools, which are:

  • Oracle Axe
  • Fated Frame
  • Molten Strikers

One emote also part of the overseer set; this emotes is called LEVITATE EMOTE. Three beautiful back blings, OMINOUS ORB, BATTLE SHROUD, and MOLTER BATTLE SHROUD, are part of the same set. One spray, called Fate, two loading screens called OMEN and FATE, and an area also belongs to the overseer set. These outfits and cosmetic items have three or more star ratings out of five stars.

On which date the Omen Fortnite skin has been seen last time on the Fortnite Item store?

The Omen Fortnite skin has a rotation of about fifty-five days. The last time this skin was seen in the item shop for sale was on May 25, 2022, almost twenty-seven days ago. Since the release of the Omen Fortnite game, this outfit has appeared twenty-seven times.

Is omen Fortnite has any back bling?

Omen Fortnite skin is a complete outfit designed for gamers considering their requirements. That is why the Omen outfit comes with back bling, bundled with this outfit by default. And the name of this back bling is Battle Shroud.

This back bling also is categorized in the legendary back bling category of battle royale’s Fortnite. The ID of this back bling is bid_058_darkeagle. The battle shroud has a total of 5 appearances with the Omen outfit. The first time it appeared in the item shop was on 16-06-2018, and the last and 5th time this item was seen was on 24-09-2018 with the omen skin. A description known for this item in the Fortnite game says, “Shrouded in mystery.” This item can not be purchased from the item shop; instead, you can get this item when you buy a 2000 V-Bucks omen outfit.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you want to enjoy playing Battle Royals Fortnite game with true spirit. Then it would be helpful for you to buy an Omen Fortnite outfit. This outfit comes with a fantastic look and with some unique features.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

  • How rare is the Omen Fortnite skin?

You can purchase an Omen using V-Bucks in the Item Shop when available. Typically this item returns to the item shop every 55 days and will likely be there by July 22, 2022.

  • How long has it been since omen last appeared in Fortnite?

For those who do not know, the omen is a Legendary outfit in Fortnite. This outfit appears in the Overseer Set of outfits. It was released on May 1, 2018 (Chapter 1 of Season 4 Patch 4.0) for Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s been 30 days since it was last seen in the item store.

  • What is the omega Fortnite outfit in the game?

Omega is a male counterpart to Oblivion, the protagonist of the series. His outfit in the Battle Pass is the first Progressive Outfit. When he is in his final form, it has been said that he resembles the character Genji from Overwatch. The survey was sent out in Chapter 2: Season 8 to show upcoming skins to the creators.

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