What Are Tribal Braids? Top 15 Best Tribal Braids With Description

Tribal Braids

Tribal braids

Braided looks might be on-trend, but in reality, braids have been part of style and culture for thousands of years across the globe. Historically, braids were worn by African tribes as a symbol of status, belonging, and social standing. The braids were often highly embellished, with silver coins or amber pieces woven between the braids. In some cases, these pieces became family heirlooms as women passed them down through the generations. 

In a sense, hairstyles themselves are inherited as a family legacy from one generation to another. The tribal braid fashions of today combine the beauty of historical braids with contemporary styles. In addition to their decorative value, braids also function as practical tools since they are woven and left in for various lengths of time.

Top 15 best tribal braids 

1. Swirl Pattern: Long Tribal Braids

If you’re looking for a style as well as length, long braids are an excellent option for you. This braid features a swirl pattern at the top, making it ideal for those looking for something unique in their braids. It is just the right touch to add a bit of flair at the ends with some red color.

2. Half Up and Half Down

Tribal braids with a side part are made in a thicker weave, which gives them a volumized look. Pulling back the braids completes the face, suitable for everyday wear or a professional setting. This is an excellent example of how braids can be used the same way as other haircuts and styles.

3. Braids with half-up swirls

Combining our first two styles, this braided style has fun parts and color weaves that highlight the cool braids. In addition to their side parts, these tribal braids are also mid-length, making them ideal for everyday wear that requires little maintenance.

4. Traditional Tribal Braids in Red

This classic braid style is elevated with a pop of red. The braids look at a point of interest while framing the face. You can easily maintain these braids, and your scalp will have plenty of room to breathe.

5. Classic long tribal braid

The braid style offers a great deal of versatility. Your hair can be styled however you want once you have these braids. Braids of different sizes and lengths can be worn half up, in a ponytail, a topknot, or simply down.

6. Tribal Two Layer Braids

Tribal braids are given a contemporary twist with this layered look. The beginning of your braids can be fun to add a twist to your style because you will have these braids for a while. Add a color pop or a natural color accent to these braids for one more touch of flair.

7. The gold accents

Feeling glitzy and glamorous? Put a bit of gold in your braids to add some shine and style. Especially if you enjoy wearing gold jewelry to enhance your outfit, these bits of gold are ideal for you.

8. Tribal Fan Part Braids

This style places the focus on the part instead of the braids themselves. This design draws attention to the face, which is what a good hairstyle should do. The braids form a beautiful curtain that frames the beginning from the fan.

9. Silver single braid part

The single braid down the center of this part creates a unique look compared to other middle part tribal braids. A delicate silver wrap is a traditional style and a current trend, appearing in the oldest tribal braids and modern styles.

10. Gold single braid part

In addition to showing the versatility of middle part tribal braids, this same part style incorporates different adornments. The gold wrappings and the fun ornament give the tribal braids a boost. Adding whatever you want to your braids will make your style unique and authentic to you.

11. Gold braids with long ends

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A long tribal braid is an excellent style if you like long hair. It is a gorgeous braid that reaches the thigh, and the gold accents add to the overall look. If you don’t have long hair that stays in style, when can you expect it?

12. Tribal braids in the side part

This long tribal braid is finished with a funky, fade-style side part. These braids give the illusion of a fade, perfect if you are not quite ready to commit to shaving your head. An equally fun summertime look is created with the blonde ends of the braids on the left.

13. Tribal Zigzag Braids

This look stands out from other middle part tribal braid hairstyles thanks to a fun zigzag design that looks like a zebra print.

This look stands out from other middle part tribal braid hairstyles thanks to a fun zigzag design that looks like a zebra print. You can use this to make your style unique but potentially leave the braids natural. In this case, the half-up style gets another twist with the wrap.

14. The braided knot

The fact that you have braids does not mean you cannot style your hair. This gorgeous and functional up do is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s working out, going to the office, or attending a formal event. This braided knot takes tribal braid hairstyles to new heights, whether you’re wearing a tee or a gown.

15. The box braid

Box braids are among the most popular tribal braid hairstyles because they look at their roots. You can wear these functional braids at any age because they possess a cool and trendy look. You can personalize the style by smoothing the fine hairs near the roots, as seen here.

Do tribal braids last long?

Tribal braids are a popular hairstyle often adorned with intricate patterns and designs. One of the most frequently asked questions about tribal braids is how long they last. The answer to this question is it depends. The duration of how long tribal braids last is determined by various factors, such as hair type, braiding technique, and maintenance routine.

In general, tribal braids can last several weeks, with some women reporting they can last up to two months. However, this depends on several factors, such as the quality of hair extensions used, the stylist’s skill level, and the wearer’s maintenance routine. Proper care is essential to ensure the braids stay intact and fresh. This includes moisturizing the scalp, sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillowcase, and avoiding excessive pulling or tugging on the braids.

Ultimately, the longevity of tribal braids depends on individual factors. While some women may experience their braids lasting for weeks or even months, others may notice that they start to unravel or become fuzzy after only a few days. Therefore, it is essential to consider all of the abovementioned factors before deciding to get tribal braids and to take care of them correctly to ensure they last as long as possible.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Tribal braids are what?

The term tribal braids refer to braiding patterns that have roots in African cultures. In addition to braids, they often incorporate beads, rings, and shells as decorative accessories. There are many tribal braiding styles popular in tribes worldwide, including Fulani braids, Ghana braids, and box braids.

  • What is the lifespan of 3 layer tribal braids?

The braids should last between four and six weeks.

  • What are the differences between Fulani and tribal braids?

The traditional Fulani braid, also known as the tribal braid, has cornrows braided from the back to the front with front-to-back cornrows. Fulani Braids are distinguished by a cornrow braided down the middle of your head from front to back.